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Fiberglass (FRP) Products

When corrsion resistance is paramount, TC Stein Industries can provide molded or pultruded fiberglass reinforced plastic alternatives.  In addition, FRP is able to offer a lot of the same benefits of steel construction with virtually zero-maintenance and without sacrificing structural performance.  We can provide FRP grating and treads for your project where there are floor systems, walkways, work platforms, trench covers, and similar details.

 Fiberglass Grating  Fiberglass Grating

Molded Grating and Treads                                               

 Pultruded Grating and

One-piece, integral reinforced polyester
 or vinylester wth anti-slip surface

For superior load-supporting ability over longer spans       

In addition to grating and stair treads, TC Stein Industries offer other additional fiberglass products for your project.  They include but are not limited to:

  • Custom Structural Framing
  • Stairs
  • Handrail


  • Cable Tray                                   
  • Ladders and Safety Cages


 Fiberglass Platform  Fiberglass Framing
 Fiberglass Stairs, Handrails, and Ladders  Fiberglass Structural Framing        


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